From the mouths of babes – Abba!   – February 28, 2021

Thought from above: We don’t come to church to worship, we bring our worship with us to church!

   A college had a goat for their team mascot; but no place to put it, one of the boys suggested it could stay in their dorm. “What about the smell…?” “Why that goat can get used to it.” I believe WE could get used to just about anything and to the neglect of just about everything.

   This is where we find Jerusalem when Haggai comes there, no work was being done and they had gotten used to it. (Ezra 5). Haggai tipped his arrow in scorn and winged it with sarcasm…“so you say the time has not yet come for the LORD’s house to be built.” Where is God’s house, Garden of Eden? Moses’ tabernacle? Solomon’s temple one, two, or three?  

   Introducing a new Haggai to our church…minor prophet(?) not yet 17 yrs old, Lynnzie, motivator, and chief. She, like Haggai, said, “Today is the day to start building!” While Acts 17:24 tells us, “God does not dwell in houses made by man” if we have one, it reflects what we think of our God. What would God see if He came to live with you?

   In the O.T. the temple was a prophecy or a pattern for the believer (teachable moments). *God has a temple for His people, N.T. God has His people for a temple. People think being saved means going to heaven, that is only part of it, getting the man out of the world into heaven, but the other part is getting heaven into man. A place for God to dwell.

  Haggai’s question today might be, “are you a fit temple for God to dwell in, or are you like the dorm room mascot?” Neglected and stinky? When Jesus came to the temple in Matthew 21:12-16 He found it a place of profit, they were using the temple in a PROFANE way. The purpose for the temple was to glorify God, but they… (I Cor. 6:19-20) Is what you’re doing worth the price Jesus paid? (can I go to heaven as a smoker…? smell like hell)

   Jesus came to cleanse…we’ll call it PURGING (v 12) cast out! Jesus began His ministry (John 2:14-19) and ended it purging the temple! Heb 12: 5-8 “those He loves He disciplines” (moved the woodshed closer to the house) verse 11 produces a harvest…from profaned-purged- PERFECTED (holy). Jesus disrupted their plans, He makes the paths.

    Matt 21:13 a place of prayer, a continually rising of incense from the altar, (I Thess. 5:17; Phil. 4:6; Luke 18:1) JoJo “I don’t know how!” a place of power, (vs. 14) Jesus healed the lame and blind, many believed on Him, the greater miracle. Creation by A WORD, but salvation…Jesus /cross!  Praise