The tale of two cities – I Samuel 21:1- / (March 29, 2020)

   If you’re reading this and have gotten the E-mail to pray at 10:00. Let’s pray for our leaders and professionals that are working so hard for us. Pray that their motivations are pure and honest. Pray that other nations will receive good news on a cure and the Good News of Jesus Christ. “It rains on the just and the unjust” so pray! Pray for our trust in and our community of believers, In Jesus’ name!

   After working out the code word, arrow, which literally saved David’s life, David must go, but where could he go? David will begin crisscrossing the desert (interestingly in almost the same pattern) as Israel did after being freed from Egypt. There we’ll find David being sustained by bread and water, (a prisoner’s meal).

    Nob, the city of priests, the worship center of Israel, is where we find David. This enemy of the state is not planning to stay, too dangerous, as we’ll find out later in chapter 22, Doeg the Edomite, Saul’s head shepherd. But David is hungry, Ahimelech…“Got any food?” Only the left-over bread of the temple. “Got a sword or spear?” Only Goliath’s sword. “Give them to me, now!” (The urgency!)  David the shepherd of the LORD in his hast, didn’t recognize the danger of Doeg, “Saul’s servants…” was there…(21:7) told Saul…(22:9) stuck down the priest (22:18) and in hindsight, David realized the treat, (22:22). “Be wise as serpents…”

   Next Gath! Really? This is where Goliath the champion Philistine had lived. Philistine’s H.Q., Washington D.C., the Oval Office. This is where David chooses to go? Maybe he thought, “Surely Saul wouldn’t come into the heart of his enemies camp just to capture him.” But as you might expect, he is recognized, right away! “Isn’t this David, the king of the land…the one they sang about…?” (I Sam.21:11) and we might add, “What’s he doing here, he must be crazy?”  To get a feel for how David was thinking, just ask yourself, in light of our present pandemic, “if someone would have told you a year ago, everything would be as upside down as they are, you would think they were crazy?” David’s world was upside down! Everything that was, is no more, taken away and he’s at rock bottom. That changes your thinking. David who took on the giant of the Philistines was now afraid of the king of the Philistines. So David takes on a different persona, that of what they thought he was, a mad man, letting his spit run down into his beard, scratching the doors to the city gates with his fingernails, (like fingernails on a chalkboard) Ouch! (v.12-13). Achish didn’t want to deal with another nut case, no matter who he was, “Get rid of him.” Poor David, can’t even find relief in the enemy’s camp. Not unlike Job, David’s hits are back to back, loss after loss after loss. Lean on God…David!