The faith of Captain Noah,   June 13, 2021, I Peter 3:18-22

    Thought from above – they use our words, but their dictionary.

    Three illustrations show us the DESTINY of teachers who teach destructive heresies, deny God’s sovereignty, and put truth into disrepute.

II Peter “God did not spare but condemned.” Angels, the Ancient World, and the A-moral, but put them into a gloomy dungeon. This appears to be a holding place like is described in the story of the rich man and Lazarus, Lk.16:19. Jesus describes a place called Hades there was agony, fire, torment, and a desire NOT for others to be there. A great chasm or golf was fixed and no one could cross. Lazarus was safe there in Abraham’s blossoms.  

   This topic came up in I Peter 3:17 where Peter (not as systematic as Paul, rambles from one subject to another) talks about suffering, then Jesus dying, then his preaching to those in prison, then Noah, then baptism, then a good conscience and then Jesus’ resurrection and authority.

   I just want to deal with Noah and the water. First, we learn that FAITH is the first and most important, without it we cannot please God. Noah, Hebrews 11:7 BY FAITH, received WARNING, WORKED, WIPED- OUT, WAYLAID, or WASTED the world, became WEALTHY. (heir)

We receive Jesus’ righteousness by…because God did not spare…(Ro 8:32).

   I Peter 3:19 says, “God waited patiently while the ark was being built…” had Noah not started the project…in faith or not followed God’s instructions (he would have been in the same boat as all the others). But because he believed he did, that is the fruit of faith, doing! The other fruit of faithfulness is God is always rewarding those who do, think a minute, if God hadn’t sent the rain, Noah would have been a laughing stock, (of importance / shamed).

   THIS WATER is His water, He says when! How much! When it stops!  John 7:37-39 Jesus spoke of water, equating it to the Spirit flowing, “anyone who thirsts…streams of living water…” Eph. 5:25-27 Jesus gave Himself to the church to make her holy, cleansing her with water…through the Word.

The power is in the water not the pottery, (or the ark) we are just clay jars.

   Symbolism’s break down if we “try too hard.” For example; here Noah and the other seven didn’t get wet, (baptized) just separated from the others.

I Cor. 10:1 we’re told that Israel’s passing through the Red Sea was like a baptism, yet again…they didn’t get wet, just separated.

   We must recognize God’s work more than our own in salvation. Saved through Christ’s death, God’s patents, burial “water” a good conscience,  the resurrection, “the gospel.” II Thess. 1:8 “punishment for those who do not…”