January 29th 2023 John 13:1-5 the HUMILITY of Jesus…

Thought from above: When a servant of God is in the will of God, he’s immortal, until his work is done. 

Last week I read a couple of verses from John 13. Chapter 13 is an interesting divide in John’s gospel. Just over half of John’s 22 chapters deal with Jesus’ life in 3 ½ years. the last 9 cover the last few hours. Disproportionate (?) Yes, but! John’s emphasis was on the vertical, from heaven to earth!  last day alive and his 3 days dead. 12 chapters covering.

Chapters 13-17 records Jesus’ “private farewell message” to his disciples. Private because, the Jewish leaders sought to trap Jesus, asking phony questions about taxes, marriage after the resurrection, what was the greatest command, who Jesus thought the Messiah was, and then…verse 46 of Matt. 22, “No one could say a word in reply…” 

In this passage, we see Jesus in four different relationships; First; Jesus with His Heavenly Father (1-5), Jesus with Peter (6-11) Jesus with the disciples (12-17), and Judas (18-35).

Jesus entered Jerusalem on Sunday, we call it Palm Sunday, his “triumphal entry!” He cleansed the temple, was in constant conflict with the religious leaders and now, finally, Thursday, He’s in the upper room with his disciples. 

13:1 Jesus knew that his hour had come and 17:1 “Father, the hour has come.” (bringing glory through the death and resurrection). Jesus lived on a “heavenly” timetable, 2:4 my time has not yet…7:30 his hour was not yet come… 8;20 the hour has not yet…12:23  now the hour has come…13:1  

From a human point of view, it meant suffering below, but from a heavenly point of view, it meant glory above. He would soon leave this world and return to heaven having finished his work…(17:4) and “he knew it!”

Jesus also knew Judas would betray him, Judas is mentioned 8 times in John’s gospel, more than any other, you would expect that from the apostle Jesus loved. Jesus was in complete control of the situation.

  *What Jesus knew helped him to determine what to do.*

Jesus also knew the competitive nature of man, Luke 22:22 says, “A dispute arose among the disciples as to which of them was considered to be the greatest.”

Jesus gave an unforgettable example of HUMILITY without a word he rebuked selfishness and pride. A living parable was happening right in front of them. (Phil 2:1-16). Peter surely recalled this event when he wrote… (1 Peter 5:5).

Verse 3 Jesus knew…power! (roofing a weight room) “What do you do with that power?” (Flexing!)

Revealed true humility while possessing all power!

5:19, 30; 6:38; 7:16; 8:50; 14:24 from Sovereign to servant. The world (the church) is full of competition and criticism.

Compare 13:1 with 1:11 or 3:16  Next, HOLINESS Peter climaxing with his intercessory prayer for them and us.