No Justice, No Peace… II Samuel 12:1-10 (July 5, 2020)

Thought from above! God doesn’t settle His account at the end of each month, or even at the end of each year… but when He does, He does it well!

   David was a great man serving a great nation under a great God, Jehovah God of the heavens. 62 chapters are devoted to him in the O.T. and 59 references in the N. T. For a year now, he’s lived a life of hypocrisy, deception, and secrecy. Until a man named Nathan, unlike others, confronted him. Like a banner coming down a city street in protest, “No Justice, No Peace.” Nathan brought four (4) three-letter words that caused David to crumble in humility! Those words “You are the man!” For months, David’s sin had gone unnoticed, seemingly even by God, but the last words of chapter eleven says it all. “The thing David had done was evil in the sight of the LORD.”  True sorrow comes from knowing we’ve disobeyed God. (Ps. 32:3-4) “When I kept silent…” and “He who conceals his sin…(Pro. 28:13) The wheels of justice…grind exceedingly fine.

   Nathan told David a simple “story” that stole his peace and demanded justice be done for the one so injured. When an idiot light comes on… knock it out…Read about smoking, “I quit…reading.” True guilt brings true change. David had no peace! Ps. 51: 12 “Steadfast…he couldn’t take the phony any more, being a bad husband, poor leader, irritable father, song-less composer.

   NOTE: Nathan didn’t come on his own, vs. 1 “Then the LORD sent him…” God’s timing (?) Gal. 4:4 “In the fullness of time…” Then in retrospect! Right timing, right person…tell David what he had refused to tell himself… Some suspected, others knew, many whispers, but Nathan told! (1-5) David on the edge of his chair, “Something like this happening to someone living my Jerusalem, under my watch…compassion arose and then condemnation. The trap, about to be sprung; God’s confrontation. Deer in the headlights, jaw-dropping, blank stare, silence, “David you fed a stranger called “lust” with another man’s lamb” Nathan was a Pr.27:6 man for the job. 1)Absolute truth, 2) right timing, 3) wise words, 4) fearless courage. And David had the right response, (on his knees (?) “I have sinned against the LORD!” (vs. 13) Lance the wound! Immediate relief, restitution, “The LORD has taken away your sin; you shall not die” David’s unguarded admission, complete repentance, humble receiving of grace! Live out your life as though undeserved favor is upon because it is!