August 14th, 2022 “Overcoming an anxious mind” Phil. 4:1-7.

Thought from above: “Aiming for God’s glory!”

   If you’re aware of any current events today, you know we live in stressful, times, and peace and joy are hard to find. But, that is Paul’s overriding theme to the Philippians. Even though Paul “faced the daily the pressure of his concern for all the Churches.” (II Cor. 11:28) he knew joy! Understand this, there will always be another crisis, calamity, or difficult season.

   Like the woman who worried about a thief breaking into her house, couldn’t sleep for years, finally it happen a man was caught breaking in, her husband just introduced him to his wife, saying “This is the one who’s been stealing her sleep for all these years.” Anxiety is a thief that steals all the time and more than just your stuff; it steals your peace and joy!

   So if most of us are going to deal with worry and anxiety for the rest of our lives, why not learn how to do it with joy? Imagine having a peace that passes, transcends all [understanding.

         *85% of what we worry about will never come true*.

Anxiety is FEAR exaggerated. False, Evidence, Appearing Real.

   If you remember, Jesus said to his disciples, in John “I give you a peace that the world could not give.” (John 14:27)

   Phil. 4:1-7. first building block is RESOLVE DIFFERENCES  Live at peace as much as it is possible, do your part, (Ro. 12:18).

This is Paul’s last chapter so he’s landing the plane. Vs. 1 Brothers, whom I love, and long for, my joy and crown, dear friends! WOW!

A pretty special relationship, he knew them to be mature and enduring, with no barriers or walls and yet differences!

   God is invisible, but love makes Him visible. I Jh. 4:12 

Two people in conflict, (v2) I plead with you…(each 2 X intensely calling out) equal opportunity exhorter, equal language. Euodia and Syntyche had a disagreement but Paul wants them to agree in the Lord. Two prominent important members, workers alongside Paul. (good journey and fortunate one, “Trippy and Lucky”) (Probably not a doctrinal but rather a behavior issue).

   Today’s ability to trash talk someone on social media, keyboard courage. Just spouting off! But Paul said, “Be of the same mind.”

    *Don’t go to the phone, go to the throne! Physical and spiritual*

    In Acts 16: when Paul went to Philippi he went to a river to worship, with a women’s group. (it took 10 Jewish males to have a synagogue) but where two or more are gathered, that’s church!

   Maybe because he named them (read aloud publicly) he felt he should also mention their names are written in the book of life. Both of them, along sit each other, eternity together in heaven…

   150-year-old time capsule to be opened in Geneva Indiana, “what would be said, about you?” Letters to the future.

2nd REJOICE ALWAYS (v4) Paul is writing from a prison cell, he doesn’t know if he will live or die. (has he lost his mind?) JOY? Paul’s peace is from presence! In the Lord ALWAYS!

    “Say what I’m going to say, say it, then tell them what I said”

Or (1) go to a text, (2) leave the text, (3) never go back to the text)

   Billy Sunday, “Don’t look as if your Christianity hurts!”

Baptized in vinegar. 2nd fruit, joy just after love…

Joy is a supernatural delight in God and his plan for your life.

(Ro. 8:28) All things, Relax! Pro. 15:15 a cheerful heart is a continual feast!” Rest in the Lord! Rejoicing is joy on display!

            * Rejoicing sets the table for the feast of peace!*

   Paul practiced what he preached. When he first went to Philippi he was beaten with rods and put into stocks chained against a prison wall but at midnight he and Silas began singing. Not intermittently or sporadically like Thanksgiving, but always! React with joy! When you get bumped and your cup overflows, what spills out? Not joyful because people are so wonderful or circumstances couldn’t be better, we make a choice!

3rd  RESTORE GENTLY (v 5) your gentleness…(in the Lord!)

“Your sweet reasoning” our society has become less kind, less respectful, less reasonable. Snarky, tough, unmerciful, unyielding, critical, cruel, and hardened, which is what Jesus predicted…“the love of many would grow cold, (Matt 24:12). Don’t let that be you.

But he’s not talking about the world, he’s talking about the church.

(2 Tim. 3:1-7) 

    Jesus said of himself, “I am gentle and humble in heart.

 (Matt 11:29) Proverbs 15: and a soft answer turns away wrath.

“The Lord is at hand…”(near? Time wise? Chronologically ? Or present? by proximity, closeness?) Both!

4th REJECT ANXIETY (v6) means “to divide the mind” Two thoughts conflicting. In different directions. “double-minded” James says, “Unstable in all his ways.” Of 14 countries studied America has the most anxiety, at a clinically, and significant level. No hope, rhyme, or reason! Solomon said, “Look at the ants,” Jesus says, “Look at the flowers, look at the birds, No anxiety! (Matt 6:25-34)

   Do not be anxious, BUT  (v 6b) in contrast to, the antidote for,    a solution, replacing something with another, redirecting, trading. Pray, petition, thanksgiving, and requests.

Peter says, “Cast all your cares” (I Pt. 5:7). which sounds like Worship!

   S. A. D.  Seasonal (spiritual) Affective Disorder