Supposing discipleship…Luke 14:28-35 (October 18, 2020)

Thought from above! The distinctive property of discipleship is the abandonment of all other competing securities.

   The Apostle Paul disciplined himself (I Cor. 9) so he wouldn’t become like those he wrote about in I Cor. 10. Illustrated: a runner, a competitor in the games, and one in the ring boxing. Each went into strict training. Jesus’ disciples were called to be with him. This Association led to an Announcement, “would you like to try your hand at this?” then Appointment (apostle) and Assignment, “Go!” Looking at those who would carry on the work without him present, “true disciples” (you and me). Others noticed!

   In contrast to Luke 14:25 large crowds traveled with Jesus…to Jesus turned to the crowd (v 26)…skin-deep followers, attracted to His celebrity status. He asked, “Would you like to try your hand at this?” Three times Jesus told them, “You can’t be my disciple…if you’re not willing to, (1) Choose Jesus over all else…(2) Carry your own cross! (3) give up all you have, (Michael Card) things we leave behind. “God pry’s fingers open…” (Corrie ten Boom)

   Today: SUPPOSING…! I would like to introduce you to the Shark Tank! These people are prepared to present a proposal for posterity, but first they’ll have to swim with the Sharks! “I would like $500 k for 5% of my idea…” or as Luke 14:28 Suppose…“I want to build, to go to battle, or be a believer.” (Oh and in the tank is someone they call, “Mr. Wonderful!”) 

  (1) Building: (picture of house outside, finished, inside not) we might ridicule the home-owner who doesn’t maintain enough money to finished or [pic. of pond] wonder why he spent money on this rather than finishing the house first. (House across the road…empty, unused home (?) Unless  

   2) Battle: In WW II Douglas MacArthur was defending the Philippine Islands, when he and his troops were called back, those in strategic positions knew what he did not, supplies and reinforcements weren’t available, so withdrawing was the only answer. It was called the “Bataan Death March.” Surrender to the stronger or be slaughtered. Send in a delegation, Jesus!

   3) To be a Believer: If you are a believer then you are SALT! Period! Two characteristics of salt. Enhance flavor and to be preserve. Jesus promised us an abundant life, water to wine…taste buds on end…It’s a wonderful life! Let the world taste and see that (Ps. 34) Our Lord is good. Salt preserves, stops the microbial growth from destroying meat. II Thess. 2: There is One who holds back the lawless one, (Holy Spirit in us) when He is taken “out of the way.” (v 7) the lawless one will be revealed. (see Is. 14; Ez.28)