“Joseph, a type of Christ!”  Genesis 37  /  July 25, 2021

Thought from above – the inevitability of sin is more…sin.    (Romans 1:30)   

The O.T. is full of prophetic pictures, “types of Christ(s).” We looked at Joseph as a beloved son, who held a very special place in his father’s heart and he was adorned with a rich ornamented robe. We find Joseph at the age of 17 maintaining as a person of purity. While tending sheep brothers, Joseph brings a “bad report” to their father and they hated him more and more, they couldn’t speak a kind word about him! In Gen.33  when Jacob is about to meet up with his angry brother Esau, Jacob divided his children among the maid-servants, and his wife, Leah, and Rachel, and Joseph were well behind enemy lines, protected.

   Like Jesus, Joseph was a truth bearer, and they hated him for it. The inevitability of sin is more sin. (Rom. 1:30) They invent ways of doing evil. Joseph’s name and nature added nobility. Joseph’s father called him to do a mission, (14) “Go see if all is well with your brothers in Shechem, but they weren’t there. As Joseph wandered around looking for them. He met a man we called a personal pastor, as Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness.   So Joseph is A Shepherd Son, is One Sent, and will eventually become a Servant/ slave. As one sent Joseph/ Jesus evaluated the situation and He turned over tables and turned the heads of the Pharisees. Mark 15:10 Pilate recognized it was out of envy that the Jews handed Jesus over to him. As Joseph approached the brothers at Dothan they plotted to kill him.

   Ezekiel 34:1-10 shows us the practice of a “bad shepherd” (Joseph’s report) they only take care of themselves, (5 X) YOU! You eat and clothe themselves with little or no regard for the flock (Matt. 9:35).   

   Ezekiel 34:7-16 “I WILL” (14 X)  (Pro. 27:23) know your flock.

Now for the rest of the chapter, flock eat good pasture, drink clear water…stop judging one another, recognize the weak.