The Discerning God’s will – I Samuel 23:19-29  (May 24, 2020)

Thought from above! Through your trials, God is preparing you for a “new kind” of ministry. Count it ALL joy. (James 1)

   “The Book of Reigns” I Samuel- 2 Kings. I would imagine all the cities of Judea were afraid of being wiped out. Saul spared no one in the city of Nob. Only one priest escaped, Abiathar. Keilah wasn’t willing to sacrifice all their people, “Just turn David in!” But, God’s providence stepped in, after rescuing the city of Keilah, God got David out of there, just in time. (close call)

   David then went to the desert strongholds and hills…There he wrote Psalm 63: …in a dry and weary land…where there is no water…My soul thirsts, my body longs…for YOU! In I Samuel he inquires of God, here he earnestly seek, O God…You are my God… (continue reading) I remember…because Your love is better than life…not focused on even life but rather God’s LOVE. What’s that look like? Six or seven things, (Psalm 63:3-6) 

    Now the Ziphites (I Sam. 23:19-20) informed Saul about David being among them, “come down whenever it’s convenient, just give us the credit for handing him over, to the king.” (all agree?) As we saw last week Saul invokes godly language, “the LORD bless you…” (In vain).

   Of interest: (vs.22) Saul tells the Ziphites, “They tell me he is very crafty.”

Didn’t Saul know he was? Was he warning them or excusing himself?)

   Search him out, (vs. 22-23) “Then I’ll go with you, I will track him down..” Imagine having a king, much less Saul, looking over your shoulder while you’re looking for a fugitive, no room for err, no time for deceptive trickery. Better, know what you’re doing. Concerning and discerning God’s will…Saul went to men for help. David went to THE ROCK!    

   At a minister’s meeting, a church was looking for a new pastor, all the info was given, only after hearing how much they paid did anyone hear “God.”

   Saul was convinced he was doing God’s will, but as long as David was alive, he was a threat. If only he pursued God with this intensity. (All the effort of Washington D.C.) on opposite sides of the mountain, issue, (v. 26).    David went to the cliffs of En Gedi, called “the Crags of the Wild Goats, or Springs of…” The pockmarked cliffs were ideal for camouflaging their where-a-bouts. Limestone ledges served as lookout point and plenty of vegetation and water. But Saul had some “goats” of his own, 3,000 chosen trained military men, now searching. I wonder if any of their training involved such recognizance as crawling around like goats. (v. 29)