Peace amid your storm!  Mathew 14:22-32   (January 10, 2021)

Thought from above: Don’t fear in the dark what you’ve learned in the light.

   To say that we’re in a storm today would be an understatement. So we’re going to look at a storm that Jesus’ disciples were in and see what we can learn. We’ve all heard the story; Jesus’ disciples were in a boat and a storm came up,  they were afraid…Jesus came walking on the water, said, “fear not!” They like us followed that sinister minister the devil where we should not go, FEAR! 365 X “fear not.” What happened was not happenstance or a mistake, or even something to avoid.

   First note: Jesus Himself ordered them to BOARD THE BOAT, with the intent of them going to the other side. “Go over, not under.” The storm was GOVERNED by God’s PROVIDENCE. “Jesus told them to go…and even engineered the storm. (Mt. 14:22). If Jesus can walk on the water, I guess he can predict the weather (Ps. 107:24-26). Shallow theology claims we’ll have smooth sailing on the sea of life, when we walk in His will, separated from sickness and sorrow, distant from disappointment, difficulty, or death. God is more concerned about your GROWTH by His PLAN (Ps. 4:3). Not to indulge, but to enlarge us. Two types of storms, CORRECTING (Jonah) and PERFECTING (the disciples).

    When the disciples entered the boat, Jesus was not with them (Matt. 14:22-23) but we shouldn’t think He has forsaken them, He was on the mountaintop (v 23) GRACED by His PRAYERS. They could not see Him but He could see them, while they struggled and He prayed. We’re on His prayer list, He makes intercession, (Heb. 7:25). Jesus finished work was done on the cross, His unfinished work, He prays for us. For six agonizing hours (Matt 14:27) then Jesus came to them. Why the wait? It wasn’t that He forgot them it was they forgot Him. Jesus had fed 5,000, a miracle, but miracles don’t last. They gathered “12” baskets of bread, they had Jesus with them, The Bread of Life.

    A deliberate delay (Is. 30:18) (John 11) If Jesus had come before Lazarus died they could have said, “He just got well” but when you’re dead, you’re dead. That was Jesus’ plan, Martha scolded Jesus and Mary pouted. Back in Genesis God made the promise of a Messiah (Gal. 4:4) four thousands of years later. Too many times we try to pick God’s fruit before they’re ripe. Patience! He is never late. (Hab. 2:3, II Pt. 3:4). Jesus said to His Disciples in disaster, “I AM” and they were GUARDED by His POWER. (v 20). If you are lost? I Am the way. On the wrong side? I AM the Door. Hungry? I AM the Bread of life. In darkness? I AM the Light. Dead? I AM the resurrection and the Life! Whatever your problem is “I AM” He will GUIDE you by His PURPOSE (21) The spiritual barometer is falling in America, expect tribulation but our destiny is already determined… Immediately they were at the shore, the first speed boat mentioned in the Bible.