The revelation that speaks of the end…  (November 22, 2020)

Thought from above!  Your joy cannot come from anything that can be touched or tampered with.

   Habakkuk 2:2-3 gives us a stern warning of times to come, “wait for it…though it lingers…” let’s not getting ahead of ourselves, Habakkuk 1:2-3 the life and times of… I. A Perplexing problem! “Where is God in all of this? How long and why?” Must I call out…? You make me…! *Apostasy in the body of believers, how do we know, vs. 4, the law is mentioned, as well justice and righteous. Look at what Jeremiah, Habakkuk’s contemporary says (5:30-31& 8:12) “what used to be slinking down back allies is now strutted down Main St.” We have more judges, courtrooms, lawyers, and more lawlessness and injustice, why? (v4) the law is paralyzed, righteousness is hemmed in.  (*Anarchy in the world, *Apathy home.) Paul writes to those who were on the bottom rung, holding on by a thread, in Romans 1:21-31 1). We might add “the experts tell us…”

   As Habakkuk prayed, things got worse. Heaven was silent, the earth went sinful, and it would seem hell is successful, but it is God who allowed, even promotes, the punishment of His people. “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you!” (v 5 & 6) God knows what kind of people they were and what they would do. Just because it doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. 

   If we learn anything from chapter one into chapter two, it’s this; the solution is not in the subtraction of the problem it’s the addition of power. (2:1) Habakkuk says, “I will stand…I will look…I will listen!” (we don’t live by explanation but by every word that comes from God. II. A Proper Perspective! And what was the word for Habakkuk? In a nutshell, when all is taken away is God enough?  (v 4) “the righteous will live by faith” and we might add and not by sight. Back up to verse 2 “write it down…make it plain…it will certainly come true!” God will NOT be proven false. Scripture! Run with it! A preacher use to say, “the Bible says” but now, “it seems to me…” Write it down, “sin can’t win, faith can’t fail!” so a herald may run with it, whoever!  Not by explanation but example! History, promises made… (I Cor. 10 example). This was Paul’s solution for the Romans, (1:17) I am not ashamed of the gospel it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…live by faith. The remainder of the chapter is about those who do not…    Habakkuk said he would “look to see what God would say…what an answer…in verse 3:2 and 16 he heard and it lead to III. A Profound Praise! Pray verse two, “renew your deeds today, make Yourself known in our day!” But be ready to experience a greater awakening. Habakkuk went from sighing to seeing and then singing. “Selah” (Musical Pause) Wait patiently…(3:16) rejoice, (18) be joyful. This is how we survive these days, knowing God is Sovereign and He will enable us to go to new heights. Your joy cannot come from anything that can be touched or tampered with.