Isolation / Involvement… /  (September 20, 2020)

Thought from above! “Truth be told, the truth is rarely told…”     

  Oddly enough, death from COVID 19 (nearing 200,000) isn’t the only killer rearing its ugly head. Difficult to measure because of its many facets; suicide, depression, paranoia, alcoholism and drugs, mass murder, etc. Isolation kills! Well intended watchwords like “privacy” have costs genuine concern, as a pastor, and with families. (Parkview list of patients). Today we’re the Lone Ranger on an elevator, NO eye contact, talking, smiles, “just masks.” Well-tended front lawns serve as modern moat, head phones and texts as armor.

  Now we’re forced to isolate because of Covid, but we self-isolate when we pursue self-interests and self-sufficiency at the expense of our deepest need, which is “involvement.” We have four areas where we must connect and participate; (definition of)…God, family, other Christians and non-Christians. Let’s look into the third area; Christian to Christian! Have you ever heard Christians are like porcupines? We “need” and we “needling” each other! Or “To dwell above with saints we love, that will be grace and glory.” “To live here below with saints we know, that’s another story.” 

   So why get involved? (Read Rom.12:9-16) The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to reveal what real love looks like and three times, he uses, “one another” and another four times “people.” God’s people, people who persecute you, people who rejoice and weep and people of low position. GET IT? People! God commands us to be involved because He made us dependent beings… from the beginning, Genesis 2 “it’s not good for the man to be alone.” 

Tom Hanks in Cast Away “Wilson!” No man is an island, especially in this age of indifference. Do it and do it well, with sincerity. Earlier in Romans 12 (v.4) Paul uses a familiar, “you have a body…don’t you…? with many parts…? not all having the same function…yet…together?

More familiar maybe I Corinthians 12: where Paul goes into more detail. (v.12) “We (who are many) were baptized in, by, or with the One Spirit into the One Body and (v.18) God arranged the parts, (YOU!) Every one of them, just as He wanted them to be. (v.24) God has combined (YOU!) the members of His body so that its parts should have equal concern for each other. There are those two words again, “each other!” (v.26) during suffering, honoring, or rejoicing, we are in this together, all of us! Matthew West, song, “Truth be told!” “I say I’m fine, yeah I’m fine, oh I’m fine, hey I’m fine, but I’m not, I’m broken.